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    Metallic marble epoxy slabs from South Bend Epoxy Floors are truly unique! This precise floor surface is distinctive and can never be replicated. As with any metallic marble epoxy finish, the marble effect is created by metallic that’s implemented into the epoxy. Our range of decorative metallic marble epoxy floor coating choices will give you the option to really make your residential or commercial flooring stand out! Our beautifully colored mixtures and resins offer astonishing beauty and durability from our skilled team to create the end product you’re searching for.


    These metallic marble epoxy surfaces permit the renovation of your slabs to mimic the look of a shimmery and glossy appearance of copper, silver, aged bronze, nickel, etc. Metallic marble epoxy floors are seamless when you’re deciding to make your floors the focal point of notice. Most cooperative roles of these design schemes are retail stores, lobby areas, salons, luxurious living spaces, hotels, restaurants, offices and more! They have outstanding deterioration and impact opposition making it ideal for high foot traffic areas. It’s recommended that a top coat is applied for further scratch and abrasion resistance.


    At South Bend Epoxy Floors, our marble metallic epoxy systems are made by combining a resin and hardener, creating a strong, tough end product. The adding of metallic powder produces this unique look, changing a typical concrete flooring into a profound, high-gloss appearance with an astonishing visual effect. Never will two marble metallic floor finishes be the same. These amazing visual effects can also mirror a three-dimensional look, giving the illusion of waves, ripples, and swirls. This appearance can be applied to any setting you desire whether you want your floor to look like you’re on a paradise beach or on a grassy green field.

    #1 South Bend Epoxy Flooring in South Bend, Indiana - South Bend Epoxy Floors

    Marble metallic epoxy floor coatings may be implemented with a squeegee or roller depending on our skilled workers preference. It can also be applied from a bucket or water spout. A primer coat layer is essential, and an optional UV resistant layer may be included if an interior room is exposed to sunlight. The sunlight or UV rays can have the potential to turn the marble metallic finish flooring yellow if using light colors. If using darker colors with the presence of sunlight in an interior, this will help avoid the yellow tarnished look after years of exposure.


    Now obviously, marble metallic epoxy floors tend to cost more than other epoxy flooring choices because it requires four or more layers of coating. It is also more costly in that it takes more time and skill creating the unique marble metallic appearance you may want. You may pay a little more, but the long-lasting durability and stylish look you want can go a long way to attract more business or simply give you and your occupants a sense of relaxation and pleasure.


    These one of a kind effects can be accomplished with marble metallic floor coatings using many installation methods and expert techniques to surface layers. With the right professionals, your marble metallic epoxy flooring will be durable and gratifying for years to come. Your dream design will become reality in that South Bend Epoxy Floors will be happy to complete.


    Metallic marble epoxy floors may give you an “out of this world” look at first and completely appear to be something foreign to the human eye. That’s why at South Bend Epoxy Floors, we endeavor to give you that unique look that no one else has when choosing the marble metallic epoxy floor option!