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  • Whether you’re considering to get your concrete flooring a fresh innovative appearance or simply want to create an eye-catching floor space, South Bend Epoxy Floors is your #1 go-to concrete epoxy professionals.We understand that concrete floors need to look good as well as have excellent integrity, and with an adequate concrete sealing and finish, this only improves the worth our customers are going for. With a surplus of color choices, textures and design techniques, we take pride in our concrete coating installations. We are willing to meet your design requirements while still staying on client budgets. If your existing concrete doesn’t need to be replaced and is still in good condition, why remove it when you can renew it with a new concrete epoxy coating? Our concrete coatings will give your concrete slab an economical change, producing a fine, appealingly polishable concrete surface.


    South Bend Epoxy Floors concrete buffing methods use resurfacing methods to new or existing slabs to accomplish the desired level of quality. Our completed resurfacings will show an excellent smooth surface with a polished and clean gloss. Like polished concrete, it is easy to maintain and clean. Polishable layers tend to give more liberty when wanting to add more future planning to your surface. Polished concrete is in high demand for commercial locations, but is starting to become highly requested and trending in residential locations as well. Polished concrete coatings can improve a sense of comfort to an area, altering any residential or commercial space from uninteresting to attractive!


    Concrete coatings is a layer of epoxy placed over cured concrete floors, producing a durable structure and surface that will last and is usually in liquid or semi-liquid form. Concrete coatings will not only keep the area satisfactory, but it will also preserve the exterior of a floor and create it to be much simpler to clean and retain.Varying on environmental factors around the property’s location, we offer several sealing choices to fit your concrete flooring necessities. In commercial locations there are a host of factors such as heavy pedestrian traffic, chemical spills and fertilizer products that can destroy your concrete flooring. Concrete coatings are a great solution to protect your flooring from all types of abuse and damages that we at South Bend Epoxy Floors can help you with!


    If resurfacing is necessary, South Bend Epoxy Floors endorses the applying of a primer after epoxy is installed to improve the bond to concrete. Our crew typically mixes a two-part component epoxy resin with a chosen decorative aggregate, if applicable, and then dispenses the material onto the slab. Sealer is then implemented which makes the top layer more resistant to water, chemicals, oil, grease, acids, and solvents.


    Who says epoxy flooring can’t be attractive? Our decorative epoxy floor coating installations and other resinous materials prove that beauty isn’t just floor deep. These stunning decorative concrete coating finishes not only have the potential to be gorgeous, but tough as well! Depending on your concrete floor arrangement and facility necessities, these concrete coatings can be up to 1/4″ thick or more causing a high likelihood of being impact resistant and fluid resistant! This also gives it an impressive compressive strength even in the strong heavyweight industrial locations.


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