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  • There are many concrete slabs that were either constructed poorly or constructed in poor weather conditions resulting in large cracks throughout. If this is taking place on your concrete slab surface, you may be questioning if the solution is to remove the concrete slab entirely or just resurface the slab with a fresh coat of epoxy. At South Bend Epoxy Floors, we are familiar with these complications and will comply on what is the best, safest and most cost-effective option your project may specify.


    In other cases, it is necessary that concrete slabs need some work before they are ready to be stained or sealed. Concrete grinding or resurfacing helps rid any unwanted and existing glues, cements and adhesives in order to level out rough and unfit surfaces. South Bend Epoxy Floors employs fast and effective grinding methods that will take this challenging job out of your hands and complete the floor to the desired surfacing target.


    The removal jobs that we offer are the removal of existing carpets, tiles, wood flooring or other unwanted floorings your residence may have. We haul this excess flooring from the site so you don’t have to see the mess again. This can be a huge task for clients that do not have the proper tools, machinery or hauling equipment. That’s why at South Bend Epoxy Floors, we’re here to reduce the headaches from our customers by using our own equipment to get the job done quickly, while still maintaining the integrity of the final product.


    Increase the safeguard and visual look of your concrete flooring with South Bend Epoxy Floors! Our qualified team is skilled to seal any existing cracks in your concrete slab to improve its durability. We use top of the line resurfacing tools to competently prepare the surface of your concrete floors, filling in any cracks or holes, refining the look your floor deserves. We also use only the best restoration products specifically for your concrete slab resurfacing needs. A correctly primed floor is vital to achieving an effective epoxy coating bond.


    The secret to a successful and effective epoxy coating bond for any concrete floor or slab is in the prepping and resurfacing effort! Here at South Bend Epoxy Floors, we ensure that every inch of slab is cleaned and prepared prior to epoxy coating installation. Concrete resurfacing is a technique in which we turn timeworn concrete floors into a new and improved concrete floor.


    Using a grinder and/or shot blaster that mechanically files down the existing concrete, is one of the most effective resurfacing tools. These efficient tools not only eliminate most contaminants and flawed concrete, but can also leave behind a coarsened or flat surface profile depending on your project’s needs. Of course, these resurfacing methods vary from project to project depending on a variety of aspects such as quality of the concrete and the exterior preparation procedures recommended by the manufacturer. Let this be a job given to a qualified contractor at South Bend Epoxy Floors! We will be able to evaluate the situation of your present needs and decide the work necessary to guarantee a good and acceptable resurface and epoxy installation.


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