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    Where Do You Need Your Epoxy Floors?


    Our team are experts in commercial epoxy flooring installations, willing to meet all your specific requests whether your facility is an automobile workshop, schoolroom, hospital, office space, storage building, food & beverage site, retail market, workout gym, theme park, banquet hall, lab, entertainment setting, etc. Our epoxy floor team is multitalented, prepared to take on client demands according to our many skill sets. We are aware that floor surfaces encounter a vast number of issues on a daily basis such as strong impacts, spilled liquids/ foods, sanitation requirements and heavy loads. South Bend Epoxy Floors offer the necessary results to keep commercial facilities in the St. Joseph County of Indiana as safe as possible. Our installed epoxy floors have the potential to endure stationary or repeated loadings, stern conditions, tough acids and general hefty uses, while being tremendously sturdy either in an indoor or outdoor setting. With only the finest epoxy coating supplies being implemented, our epoxy coating systems can be rated for heavy foot traffic, forklift use, vehicle use, storage spaces and more. Our long-lasting epoxy installations have the potential to provide an enduring product that can protect your space from spills, stains, undesirable smells and concrete cracking.


    If you’re needing a new shine and gleaming epoxy floor that’s heavy duty for commercial usage, be sure to reach out to us and tell us about your facility preference. A clean and sparkly look for your commercial floor surface not only has the potential to attract more customers, but also give that clean look and feel your employees and occupants deserve. Whether you choose to have a two-layer epoxy floor coating or color chip flakes to reduce any slips, we’ve got you covered!

    #1 South Bend Epoxy Flooring in South Bend, Indiana - South Bend Epoxy Floors

    What Kind of Epoxy Flooring Are You Needing?


    Uncoated floors can leave possibilities for ground contaminants, leading to costly future upkeep and restoration. A neglected and defenseless concrete floor will not only be unattractive, but also bad for business! Don’t Hesitate to contact us to renew, restore or remodel your concrete floor surfaces! At South Bend Epoxy Floors, we are able to use commercial-grade floor coatings that can endure the impacts of numerous mishandlings, while protecting the early wear and tear surface damage. Liquefied epoxy floor coatings assist in being nearly perfect for existing cracks in concrete surfaces. This is particularly vital in a commercial setting, where any defects in floor surfaces can allow eroding elements, fluids and other hazardous materials to seep into the concrete slabs, and ultimately into the earth beneath, causing environmental issues that can be very costly to repair. This whole phase of epoxy installations allows for simple cleaning and minimal upkeep to assist our clients in saving money from impending damages. Another reason why you might want to install epoxy flooring is that it can also help distribute impact and weight throughout floors, delivering improved strength and durability.


    We know that facilities can’t afford to be shut down for too long due to floor repairs, so our team is committed to working to the best of our ability to get the job finished in an appropriate time! With quick epoxy cure times, we guarantee that your facility will be up and running in a few days once installed. At South Bend Epoxy Floors, we push to keep our customers satisfied with the final product. Contact us NOW for your FREE quote at (712) 423-6106.